Hey there! I've recently been made admin, in the following days I will make some changes and try to complete the wiki. So far this are the changes I've made.

Wiki CSS changes

  • Admins/Burocrats's names now display in a different font.
  • Added a wiki wordmark.
  • Added a header graphic.
  • Added an image for the masthead background. (Serena now appears in your user page!)
  • Changed tabber's design(You cand check them in Neha/Gallery's page)
  • Edited infoboxes style

Artcile and Templates changes

  • Created tabs and its variants. (You cand check them in Neha's page.)
  • Created a new Characters portable infobox (Will implement it in the following days.)
  • Added ".../Dialogues" to the characthers.
  • Created a infobox for the chapters.

Other changes

Edited a litle wiki's theme and some articles.

I plan to continue editing this wiki. I hope this wiki will become more populated. But for now, Thank you for reading and See you!

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