Gender Male
Birthday August 21st
Sign Leo
Personality Type ISFP
Height 5'7
Hair Color Black with blond tips
Eye Color Brown
Favorite Color Unknown
Likes Drawing, being the center of attention, going to the crafts store
Dislikes Structure, school, close-mindedness
Professional statistics
Occupation Student
Department Fine Arts
Relatives Unknown

A graphic designer in the Fine Arts department and highly skilled in anything involving visuals, thanks to his photographic memory, Tyler loves to be the center of attention! He is an artist from head to toe: charming, sensitive, creative…and highly critical of himself. It’s hard to constantly feel like your work isn’t good enough, especially when rejection is everywhere you look. Despite being very different, Tyler and Tegan make an incredible team, and being their friend comes with a lot of advantages!

Personality Edit

Coming soon

Appearance Edit

Tyler has black hair with blond bleached tips and brown eyes. His shoes are splattered with paint.

Relationships Edit

Tegan Edit

Tegan and Tyler are best friends and roommates.

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