Tegan… I-I’m from the Pure and Applied Sciences department.
~ Tegan Novák on Chapter 1

A European foreign student, Tegan specializes in Computer Science. He loves to program and spends the majority of his time in front of the computer. He also loves robotics and any kind of engineering. He has the second highest GPA of the school, beaten only by Tadashi. But despite his adorkableness and his intelligence, Tegan faces a lot of pressure from people…people who won’t believe in him and his dreams. His roommate and best friend is Tyler and he has a twin sister: Karolina.

Personality Edit

Tegan appears to be somewhat shy and awkward person. He is also really laid back and incredibly intelligent. He is also independent and his shyness just hides his confidence and self assuredness.[1] Tegan is also incredibly intelligent and because of that he becomes bored of things quickly, this only shows that he doesn´t have discipline.

Appearance Edit

Tegan has bright red hair and brown eyes concealed by black glasses. He stands at 6'1 and seems to be skinny. He appears to be always with his phone.


Tegan uses all parts of the school uniform except for the red sweater and wears velcro shoes over mix matched socks, one being blue with dots and the other being yellow with crossed lines. He also carries gold and black headphones around his neck, and a white belt.

Gym ClothesEdit

He wear a white shirt with words "Hy Haxep" on it, a plain grey jogging and the same shoes.

Relationships Edit


Karolina is Tegan's twin sister, though Tegan, on Chapter 2, doesn't seem too keen on talking to her. They are really differet from each other. Although they don’t always get along, they are strongly attached to each other.[2]


Tyler is Tegan's best friend and roommate.[3]


  • Shea proposed this song to describe Tegan: "Weird Al" Yankovic - White & Nerdy[4]
  • It is possible that he was originally planned to have a height of 5′10.[5]
  • He is the most laid back in Arlington.[6]
  • He is the most awkward characther followed by Claire.[7]
  • Tegan could be into K-Pop[8]
  • Tegan is the older sibling.[9]
  • Tegan speaks a lot of European languages.[10]

References Edit

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