Gender Female
Birthday June 30th
Sign Cancer
Personality Type Unknown
Height Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Favorite Color Unknown
Likes Video game development, writing, interacting with her fans.
Dislikes When fans do not read the FAQ before contacting her.
Professional statistics
Occupation Student
Department Unknown
Relatives Unknown

Serena is the senior student that helped you understand how things work at Arlington Academy on your first day of school. She is weirdly knowledgeable in many things regarding the school’s rules, to the point where you wonder if she is really a student... Serena and her friends are always there to assist you if you need any help!

Personality Edit

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Appearance Edit

Serena has dark skin with dark brown hair and also brown eyes. She has long straight hair and wears the Arlington Academy's uniform.

Relationships Edit

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Gallery Edit

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