Scholar is the player character of Sweet Elite.

Appearance Edit

While Scholar does have a default appearance, the player can customize what they look like. Player's can choose between a male or female body, four different hairstyles, four different hair colors, four different eye colors, five different skin colors, and multiple kinds of clothing, including the Arlington Academy uniform.

Personality Edit

Much of Scholar's personality is decided by the player. However, there are several traits that Scholar possess that cannot be changed; they are intelligent, hard working, and loyal to their friends.

Biography Edit

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Relationships Edit

Father Edit

Scholar has a close and warm relationship with their father.

Love Interests Edit

Scholar gets along well with most of love interests in the beginning of the game, Karolina being the only one who does not like them. Later relationships will change depending on what choices the player makes.

Lady Arlington Edit

Upon first meeting her, Lady Arlington seems shocked by Scholar's appearance. Scholar is not sure what to make of it. Lady Arlington quickly recovers and she treats Scholar the same way that she does the other students: with a firm but understanding hand.

Trivia Edit

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