Scholar is the player's character in the game and the protagonist of the story. She/he is a scholarship student and lived another town before the game with her/his father and had friends there. It is revealed in Chapter 3 that studying in Arlington was Scholar's dream.


Scholar's personality is heavily influenced or decided by the player's action and choices in the game but is canonically written as intelligent and incredibly talented in certain subjects. She/he is also described by her/his father as having her/his mother's determination and grit. Scholar's department will be decided by player and will therefore define some of Scholar's possible personality.


Player can customize their Scholar via changing her/his skin-, hair- and eye color. Also hair style is customizable between short polka, afro, straight long and curly long. Customizations will be displayed in illustrations, even those which are already received.

Player can buy clothes for their Scholar from Clothes shop but they are not displayed in illustrations.



Scholar appears to have a close and warm relationship with her/his father which partly due Scholar's mother being dead and them being only child.


Scholar comes along great with most of dates in the beginning of the game with Karolina being only one who doesn't like Scholar. Later relationships will change depending on what choices the player make.

Lady ArlingtonEdit

Lady Arlington behaves weirdly around Scholar for an unknown reason. The reason why may be explained in future chapters.

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