Name’s Raquel and as you might have noticed, soccer’s what I live for.
— Raquel Pereira-Camargo

Raquel is passionate, borderline obsessed about soccer! A promising athlete in the Athletics department, she’s energetic, ambitious and has no time for any crap. Raquel is the most direct and honest student in Arlington, making her the most popular student in school. Raquel is always in it for the win, and is loads of fun… when she doesn’t get caught!

Personality Edit

Raquel is really social and outgoing. She is also highly competitive and has an affinity for teamwork but her strongest trait is how passionate she is.Despite this she is reckless and undisciplined, which causes a lot of problems.

Appearance Edit

Raquel has long black hair kept in a ponytail and wide brown eyes along with dark skin.


She wears the Arlington blazer, white shirt and skirt, with a yellow undershirt and green bag slung over her back. Her knee socks are a bright yellow worn under black cleats.

Gym ClothesEdit

Raquel uses the Athletics department shirt, which is purple with the Academy's logo and name in white letters. He also wears black jogging pants.

Relationships Edit

Claire Edit

Claire is Raquel's friend and roommate. They work out together sometimes, and Claire is always helping Raquel when she's struggling with a class.


  • Raquel is from São Paulo, but she immigrated to the USA as a child. [1]
  • She was ranked the most popular student in Arlington Academy by her peers.[2]
  • She ranks among the top 90th percentile in cardio.[3]
  • Serena said, "She’s the ultimate rule-breaker of Arlington (Axel thinks he’s tough, but really, she’s the real badass)".[4]
  • She’s captain of the Arlington soccer team[5]
  • Raquel was rated as one of the most hot-headed characters alongside Karolina, Axel, and Tadashi.[6]

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