There's no room for failure.
~ Neha on Chapter 4

Neha takes fashion design very seriously and her aim is to desing clothing for notorious celebrities. She sells her clothes to other students and works as Axel's personal style designer. Neha is very introverted and reserved but acts warmer when her best friend and main model for her clothes Karolina isn't around.

Personality Edit

Neha is versatile and influential, being a talented fashion designer, and innovative. Despite all of her good qualities Neha tends to shut others out, being a cold individual and really not outgoing.[1]

Appearance Edit

Neha has short dark brown hair ending at her neck, golden eyes and blue eye-shadow. She wears the Arlington dress shirt, tie and red vest. She has opaque black leggings that end mid-calf, and off-white gold studded sneakers. She wears earrings matching her eyes and have a piercing on her nose.

Relationships Edit

Karolina Edit

Karolina is Neha's best friend and roommate. They seem to work together really well, considering she's Neha's main model too.


Axel and Neha seem to be good friends despite their occasional differences of viewing things. Neha designs Axel's stage clothing.

Trivia Edit

  • She won the "Best Junior Female Designer of the Year" by Teen Vogue and the "Best Online Fashion Store" at the CFDA Fashion Awards.[2]
  • She has her own enterprise, "RAO Design INC", which she created.[3]
  • Serena choose this songs to describe Neha: Sia - Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler and Christina Perri - Human[4]
  • Neha always keeps her sketchbook with her, but she also never throws out any of her past sketchbooks. She has over 30 of them.[5]
  • Neha is a vegetarian and loves spicy food.[6]
  • Neha designed and made her older sister’s wedding dress.[7]
  • Due to her amazing business skills and very good marketing sense, the Academy considered placing her in the Business, Commerce and Politics Department if ever she did not get into the Fashion one. She ended up getting her first choice (Fashion) but decided to take a few business electives as well.[8]
  • Her favorite fabric is silk.[9]

References Edit

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