I need friends that will be able to handle it when I dominate the fashion industry in a couple of years. I want a crew of competent people I can depend on.
~ Karolina Nováková on Chapter 2

Considered by many to be the prettiest girl in school, Karolina specializes in modeling. She’s gorgeous and fully aware of her charm. In fact, she makes sure that everybody knows that she’s the hottest, coolest, most amazing girl in this whole establishment, okay?!
She is ruthless and will do anything to get what she wants. However, despite her overachieving ways and her promising future, Karolina finds herself struggling with her image…so much that it starts affecting her mental state and health. Her best friend and “second in command” is Neha.

Personality Edit

Karolina is a competent individual valluing this quality specifically when it comes to people.She is a very sharp girl and incredibly talented model.
She has a really strong personality and doesn't fear to say what she thinks. She is condecending with most people and is very hard to get along with her because of her "model" attitude, as described by Ms. Khan. Is exactly this personality that marks her as a leader when it comes to group works and social situations.[1]

Appearance Edit

Karolina has long red hair that end mid back and light blue eyes. She's five foot nine, six feet tall in her light tan heeled boot she wears over thigh high black socks. She has her blazer wrapped around her waist, and wears a lace petticoat underneath her skirt.

Relationships Edit

Tegan Edit

Tegan and Karolina are twins, though, on Chapter 2, he doesn't seem too keen on talking to his sister.They are really differet from each other. Although they don’t always get along, they are strongly attached to each other.[2]

Neha Edit

Neha and Karolina are best friends and roommates.  

Alistair Edit

Karolina doesn’t like Alistair, probably because he's a scholarship student, but tolerates him for a very specific reason.[3] They are seen bickering with one another, only to be stopped by Tadashi.

Tadashi Edit

Karolina is believed to have a secret crush on Tadashi, but he doesn't seem to return her feelings. As Axel said on Chapter 2, it's a shame Karolina is always beautiful, but Tadashi never seems to notice her.


  • It is possible that she was originally planned to have a height of 5′10.[4]
  • Karolina is the younger sibling.[5]
  • A part of Karolina's character is based on Serena's high school bully.[6]
  • Karolina speaks a lot of European languages.[7]
  • Karolina was rated as one of the most hot-headed characters alongside Axel, Raquel and Tadashi.[8]
  • Karolina won the "Best upcoming female model of the year" by "Teen Vogue"[9]

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