You just arrived at Arlington Academy, but everything is so new and big! You're going to need help from a few senior students who will lay down the basics on how things work around here.

Introduction (also known as Chapter 0) is the first chapter of Sweet Elite. It was released on June 4, 2018.

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Scholar has arrived at Arlington Academy. They are quickly introduced to the school by Serena, a senior at the academy. Serena explains how everything works and what Scholar should expect during their stay.

After her explanations, Serena brings Scholar to see Lady Amelia Arlington. When she first sets eyes on Scholar, Lady Arlington drops the paperwork she was carrying, unable to conceal her surprise.

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Andy Edit

(Friendship) —

  • Serena told me to get on your good side, so uh, you mind telling her we're friends now? -
  • I'm just looking to make some friends around here. =
  • I guess you look really nice and friendly! Mind if we hang out more? +

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  • Before the April 2020 update, C & A were the characters Scholar met.

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