Nice to meet you Scholar! I’m Ellie Collins, president of the robotics club.
~ Ellie Collines on Chapter 1

Inventor, mechanic and engineer to be, Ellie, nicknamed as “Tinker” by students is the famous president of Arlington’s robotics club! Despite being in a male-dominated field, Ellie is not afraid to shine. She loves meeting new people and has a cute, cheerful exterior that charms her potential clients. But as time passes, Ellie realizes that there are several obstacles that might put not only her career at risk…but her identity as well.

Personality Edit

Elli is energetic, upbeat and outgoing, making her really sociable. She is innovative, imaginative and creative, talented and very versatile. All this qualities make her "the most weel rounded student" in her department, as described by Dr. Lee, in her schoolfile. Pitifully all of her creativity is what also stops her to stick to the projects making her a quite unfocused individual.[1] She is also very femenine.[2]

Appearance Edit

Ellie has long ash blonde hair with teal dyed tips. Her hair is usually up in pigtails tied with pink ribbon, that compliment her brown eyes.


She wears the typical Arlington uniform sans vest, blazer open. Her stockings are thigh high with light blue vertical stripes under off-yellow boots. She's usually seen with dangling gold heart shaped earrings.

Gym ClothesEdit

Ellie uses a yellow and white hoodie, a grey short with white stripès on the sides and doesnt have footwear.

Relationships Edit

Tegan Edit

Both in the Pure and Applied Department, Tegan and Ellie seem to have a friendly relationship, considering that, on Chapter 1, they invite Scholar to play videogames with them.

Trivia Edit

  • She was voted "Most Popular Student in the Pure and Applied Sciences Department" by her peers.[3]
  • Ellie was the last girl created for Sweet Elite.[4]
  • Ellie was initially planned to have dark brown hair, but it was changed to ashen blonde.[5]
    • She was also planned to have pink strands (to emphasize her love of femininity), but it was changed to blue after some experimentation.[6]
  • Ellie was created due to my desire to have at least one girl in a field where women are very rare. Since we already had Claire in a STEM field (health sciences), I decided to make Ellie a mechanic as women mechanics in the USA make up less than 2 percent of the field. [7]
  • Ellie is adopted.
  • Ellie is into K-Pop[8]
  • She is the most most energetic and upbeat in Arlington alongside Tyler.[9]

References Edit

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