It's okay... It's easy for me to pass unnoticed.
~ Claire on Chapter 1

Claire é uma neurocirurgião aspirante a voluntária em regime de período no hospital local. Profundamente atenciosa e protetora das pessoas que ama, ela é a aluna que todos amam e respeitam, apesar de passar a maior parte do tempo estudando e fazendo pesquisas médicas sozinha. Claire fez qualquer coisa para deixar seus colegas felizes, e ela fez isso com um sorriso. Afinal, a última coisa que ela quer é perder mais uma pessoa com quem importa.

Personality Edit

Claire is calm and introverted by nature. She is also a really skilled person with deep insights, and is described as mature and knowledgeable but her lack of confidence and shyness is her biggest flaw.

Appearance Edit

Claire has a really pale white skin and long blonde hair that ends at her mid back with light blue eyes. She also seems to use eyeliner.


She wears a white long sleeve dress shirt, the Arlington tie and skirt and golden fishnets and black flats. She is the most notably curviest of the girls.

Gym ClothesEdit

Claire uses a green lime shirt with a same color pants with a with tank top on top of the shirt.

Relationships Edit

Raquel Edit

Claire and Raquel are really good friends and roommates. Claire said that sometimes they work out together. Claire also helps Raquel when she's struggling with a class.


  • Claire is the third girl Serena created for Sweet Elite.[1]
  • Claire is the one character every staff member has a soft spot for.[2]
  • Claire was inspired by one of my former classmate... who is also studying in health sciences![3]
  • While naming Claire, Serena tried to find something sweet that would fit in both French and English, since Claire’s family is from France.[4]
  • She is the second most awkward character, the first one being Tegan.[5]

References Edit

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