The day of the Department Competition is finally here! Everybody is stressed, sleep deprived, but fiercely motivated. Yesterday's events did wonders for your popularity... but will it be enough for you to win the competition? And who are your real friends? Stay sharp, your department is counting on you!

Chapter 5 is the sixth chapter of Sweet Elite. It was released on March 16, 2019.

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Scholar and their department have been busy lately inventing something extraordinary for Department Competition, to show your talents.

While running head as your third leg organizing everything, you encounter Neha who seems to be sad and stressed. You can either leave her since you are in a very hurry and your department is waiting for you or you can console her. Later option gives you an illustration and you have a short chat with Neha who open up to you, telling she has some issues with her parents.

You then tell her that your father had to do two jobs at the same time in order to be able to buy you your school uniform which Neha responds angrily and shocked that she has always thought those uniforms are too expensive. She then says she thinks that you are a great person, sensing it right away when se met you for the first time.

Last Chapter interview's results come in and you're very shocked to find out that you actually placed third, just after known millionaire's son Tadashi and famous celebrity Axel. This placement earns you a nickname "Arlington Sweetheart" and gives you much needed points towards rankings' silver tier and whole competition's win.

Each department's creations are presented in front of cameras in auditorium. The outcome of this presentation depends on each department.

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Break a Leg
Wish Karolina... luck for the competition.

SE-Achievement-Sweet Victory
Sweet Victory
Win the Department Competition!

Have Alistair join you in the individual winners podium.

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