Teachers have shown themselves to be very demanding at Arlington, and you're barely managing all of the work thrown at you. To make matters worse, you have one week to find a partner for Coach Davis' infamous fitness test... Will you manage to convince the person you want? Or will you end up alone?

Chapter 3 is the fourth chapter of Sweet Elite. It was released on September 9, 2018.

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At the beginning of the chapter, you are at Coach Davis sport lesson, running as good as you can but the Coach isn't happy with no-one at the class. He decides to test your skills and announces a fitness test for everyone, held in pairs in couple of days ahead. You, new student, become anxious since you fear that you don't get pair at all. Bravely you think that if you want a pair, you must start asking people as soon as possible.

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Ask Alistair about his favorite protein bar and hope he doesn't make you taste the sriracha ones.

Brush off your feelings when Ellie asks you what’s wrong.

Baby Steps
In a strictly professional way, of course, get Karolina to open up to you.

Dead Snakes
Twining dead cobras - the double tragedy!

It's a Deer or Something...
Get Tadashi and Alistair to argue about the Crested Arlingtonator.

Zen AF
Warm up with some yoga with Claire!

Rude Awakening
Get woken up by Tadashi after getting only three hours of sleep.

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