Oh no! You're running late to class on your first day! As if this wasn't bad enough, the whole school seems to be revolving around a certain teenage celebrity and an exclusive homecoming party. But things aren't exactly as great as they look on the surface...

Chapter 2 is the third chapter of Sweet Elite. It was released on June 4, 2018.

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After horrible realization of time, you quickly get dressed and rush to your first class knowing you're already very late, only realizing that you don't even know where the class is held. This leads you to visit cafe for quick breakfast and seeking someone to guide you to your class. You meet Axel which you don't recognize to be celebrity. He help you to correct classroom.

Luckily for you, Ms. Rodriguez gives you mercy - though only for this time and only because it's your first day.

You get to know people better but end up arguing with crying Karolina in dorm's bathroom who angrily mocks you for being low-scholarship student.

Later you get invited to against-the-school-rules home party held by Raquel in the dorms since school's official party is "lame" according to her - and actually everyone else too. You decide to go to the party and encounter a situation where Neha is worried about Karolina and silently begs your help with her. You can either agree to hang out with worried Neha and Karolina, who despises you and your company or ignore them and go to dance with Raquel and Axel. This decision will matter in the next chapter.

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Newbie Attitude
Stand up to Karolina in the dorm bathroom in Chapter 2 and have her comment on that fiery attitude of yours.

Alignment: True Neutral
Do not take either Tadashi or Axel’s side during their fight in Chapter 2 (they were both obnoxious anyway.)

Party Animal
Go dance with Axel and Raquel at the dorm party in Chapter 2!

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