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This chapter is the first one of the story, in wich you will be introduced to nearly all of the "Love Interests"




This chapter starts right after the end of Chapter 0.
You will end the dialogue you started with Lady Arlington previously and after that you will return to your dorm. There you will encounter a girl, Karolina. You will speak with her and before leaving she will tell you she is looking for a girl called Neha. You will then be free to explore all areas.
You will have to go around the school until you've met every characther. (The order may vary). In this moment you will be introduced to: Alistair, Tadashi, Neha, Tegan, Raquel, Ellie, Claire. You will have a short dialogue with all of them in wich depending on your answer, your affinity with them will change. This will influence wich illustration you get later in the story.
After meeting them all you will encounter Tadashi who will inform you that you need to take your student picture at the gym and how your scholarship works. After this you will go to your dorm where you'll change clothes and put your uniform on and go to the gim.
While in the gim you will go through a short monologue and a pair students will approach you, these two will be determined by either your affinity or by alphabetic order. The pair are: Karolina and Neha, Ellie and Tegan, Claire and Raquel, Alistair and Tadashi.
After having your picture taken you will hang out with the pair you ended up with and receive and illustration. Later, you'll return to your dorm where you will fall asleep and wake up late for your class the following day. The chapter will be finished.



End your first day at Arlington studying with Tadashi and Alistair instead of having fun with the other students.
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