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This chapter serves as an introduction to the game and it's mechanics. During this chapter, movements are free, so no energy is used.

At this time you will also choose you department and your in-game name, and pronouns. If you want to change any of these choices you need to do either a fun replay or a story replay, and your new selection overrides the old one.


When you first start the chapter you will encounter Serena. She will guide you inside the building and explain how everything works around Arlington Academy, and at the end of the explanation you will be asked to chose one of the departments.
After this, you will be taken to your dorm where you will choose your in-game name and pronouns, and after that Serena will ask you to go around Arlington Academy. After exploring all the areas you will go back to your dorm and talk with her, or you could skip these by clicking her dialogue right away. This will introduce you to the Energy points used to move around in the game.
Now you will go inside the Academy building again and Serena will ask you to go to Classroom 1 where you will encounter two girls and chat with them. After doing so, you will return with her. With this you will learn how the dialogue and affinity system work. When you are done Serena will explain the remaining mechanics and other functions of the game and you will be taken to speak to Lady Amelia Arlington. After your dialogue with her, the chapter with come to an end.

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