C& A
Gender Female
Birthday  ???
Hair Color
  • C: Brown
  • A: Unknown
Eye Color
  • C: Gray
  • A: Unknown
Favorite Color Unknown
Likes Pretty art, funny memes.
Dislikes When you pick the wrong dialog choice.
Professional statistics
Occupation Senior Student
Department Unknown

Friends of Serena and senior students you have met on your first day at Arlington. Proven by the fact that they, like most seniors, hardly abide by the school rules, C & A are somewhat bizarre in their own ways. Don't worry, though, they're actually quite friendly! Nobody knows why A wears a radioactive suit and it is best to not ask any questions.

Personality Edit

Coming soon!

Appearance Edit

C: Has light skin and gray eyes with curly brown hair. She uses Arlington Academy's uniform without the red jumper and has a band aid in her left leg.
A: She appears to have light skin and uses Arlington Academy's uniform without the red jumper with a yellow raincoat and a radioactive mask.

Relationships Edit


Both appear to be friends of Serena and go to class together.

Between themEdit

They seem to be really good friends.

Gallery Edit

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