Uh sure! No problem… But are you positive you don’t want my autograph first? I mean, I am Axel, you know.
~ Axel on Chapter 2

A estrela do rock da Academia. Literalmente. Axel é uma estrela adolescente conhecida internacionalmente e vista pelo seu novo álbum. Arrogante, sarcástico e muito charmoso, Axel chega a Arlington porque uma lei exige que ele consiga seu diploma de ensino médio e garante que todos os alunos estão sentindo sua indiferença ... Mas esse músico sempre é quem sabe. Na verdade, Axel é mesmo o seu nome verdadeiro?

Personality Edit

Axel is cocky, sarcastic, charismatic and quite undisciplined. He is also really talented and creative.

Appearance Edit

Axel has black hair with bleached tips and brown eyes. He wears ear spacers, a lip ring and also has 3 tattoos, a black star in his hip's right side, the line "I don't know where I'm going from here but I promise it won't be boring" in his right arm and an eagle colored black and yellow in his chest's left side.[1]


Because Axel has special permission to dress against the academy's code, due to his career, he uses his uniform in a quite unique way. He wears the uniform's pants and blazer, and under the latter he also wears a tan hoodie and grey undershirt. He uses black belts, on which he's tied his tie to with red shoes. He also uses his department badge.

Gym ClothesEdit

Coming soon!

Relationships Edit

Tadashi Edit

Shown to have a strong dislike for one another, there have been numerous hints from the staff that Axel and Tadashi will purposefully irritate each other for any reason at all.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • He was the first character to have its teaser revealed.[3]
  • He speaks Spanish.[4]
  • He is from Medellin, Colombia.[5]
  • Axel was initially planned to act as Tadashi’s opposite, but after tweaks to both of their characters, they act more like each other’s rivals.[6]
  • Axel is the only character out of the main 10 that is actually a worldwide celebrity.[7] 
  • Axel was the second character Serena created for Sweet Elite![8]
  • Axel was initially planned to have blue or red strands of hair, but Cecile decided to give him blonde ones instead.[9] 
  • Serena got the idea for Axel’s character from members of a band that went to her high school, that band actually made it big in the music industry and periodically come back to perform concerts at the school. For the sake of privacy, she will not reveal the name of the band, but it is a rock/pop band.[10]
  • Axel is into K-Pop[11]
  • He paints his nails occasionally.[12]
  • Axel was rated as one of the most hot-headed characters alongside Karolina, Raquel and Tadashi.[13]
  • He changes the color of the tips of his hair depending on the theme he wants to have for his next album.[14]
  • Despite his nonchalant attitude about school work and him skipping classes, Axel manages to get above average grades! Nobody knows how he does it.[15]
  • He is Neha’s best client. She’s his official designer and has dressed him up for multiple gigs. [16]
  • Axel would LOVE to get a dog! But his insane work-school schedule stops him from doing so. He’s jealous of Alistair’s family golden retriever[17]
  • He has won grammy award.[18]
  • He has released 2 platinum albums[19]

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