Again, no worrie. I'm as sturdy as I look. My name is Alistair
~ Alistair on Chapter 1

The most promising athlete of the school, he’s on a scholarship just like your Scholar! Alistair specializes in martial arts in general, but his favorite sport is boxing, in which he dreams of making a career out of it and competing in the Olympic Games one day. Unlike most of his classmates, Alistair comes from a middle-class family that struggles with money, and he’s determined to change that. Despite the difference in social classes, he and Tadashi have been best friends for a long time.

Personality Edit

He is ambitious and dedicated to his sport and training, his weakness being he gives to much attention to other people. He is trong both mentally and physically, he is persisten, never giving up and good spirited. He seems to be in a good mood most of the time.[1]

Appearance Edit

Alistair has shaggy blond hair and bright green eyes. He stands at 6'1 and has an athletic body.


Alistair wears his uniform without any added accessories aside from his department badge and sport shoes.

Gym ClothesEdit

Alistair uses the Athletics department shirt, wich is purple with the Academy's logo and name in white letters. He also wears black joggings with green sport shoes and a band around his left wrist.

Relationships Edit

Tadashi Edit

Tadashi is Alistair's best friend and roommate. They have grown up together, and it is said that when Alistair first started to attend Arlington Academy, he had Tadashi to guide him through it.

Raquel Edit

Alistair and Raquel seem to have a friendly relationship, considering both of them are part of the Athletics Department and are constantly seem talking or just hanging together.

Karolina Edit

Alistair doesn't seem to get on well with Karolina. On your first class at Arlington, they start bickering with one another, only to be stopped by Tadashi.

Trivia Edit

  • He was placed 1st in the Junior Boxing Nationals in the light weigthing category.[2]
  • He has the best booty among the characters according to Serena.[3]
  • In an arm wrestling within Raquel and Alistair, he would lose because he would let her win.[4]

References Edit

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